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How Insurance Can Make Life Easier

Insurance is one of the most important financial investments the average person can make in their life. It protects people from unexpected and unwelcome tragedies and the expenses that they incur.

Insurance can protect you from expensive mistakes and disasters like fires, theft, vandalism, car accidents, and property damage, depending on the kind of insurance you have.

Insurance should be one of the first things on your mind when acquiring a major piece of personal property, like a house, apartment, or car. You will want to protect these valuable assets from unexpected and undesirable disasters whenever and however you can.

What Is Umbrella Insurance, And Why Is It Important?

Umbrella insurance is supplementary insurance that provides extra layers of coverage and protection to existing insurance plans.

The impact that these umbrella plans can provide for your insurance cannot be understated. Umbrella policies typically offer an additional $1 million in additional overage to any existing insurance plans at the very least.

Umbrella insurance plans aim to fill in the gaps that existing insurance policies might have, so you’ll never have to worry about having one of those aforementioned disasters strike and your insurance plan suddenly coming up short when you need it most.

In addition to these benefits, umbrella insurance also benefits from being low-risk for insurance companies, as they only pay for damages after an existing policy reaches its coverage limit.

As a result of this, umbrella insurance plans tend to be very cheap and affordable. In Colorado, the average $1 million umbrella policy costs just $200 per year.

How Colorado State Insurance Can Help You Out

In the state of Colorado, umbrella insurance will extend an existing policy’s insurance coverage for bodily injuries, property damage liabilities, business liabilities, and from charges of libel and slander.

At Colorado State Insurance, our umbrella insurance plans can supplement any existing insurance plans for both new and existing clients.

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