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Home Insurance In Colorado

Getting the home that you want can be a lifelong dream, and it's important to ensure it gets the protection that it needs. At Colorado State Insurance, we work with people from all walks of life to provide meaningful coverage for their property. More importantly, we establish a trusted relationship with every client we serve for the long term.

Understanding Home Insurance in Colorado

Having an insurance policy is required by your lender, but its importance goes far beyond that. From wildfires to hailstorms, home break-ins, and everything in between, having somewhere to turn with the unexpected is necessary. Our agents work closely to determine your specific needs and expectations regarding coverage. Below is a list of some things home insurance could help with.

  • Dwelling coverage - the structure of your home, which would include the foundation, roof, walls, and garages, and decks that are attached to the property
  • Personal property - items that are inside the home that were damaged from fire, natural disasters, or stolen from a break-in (i.e., furniture, electronics)
  • Liability coverage - would protect you from legal or medical expenses should an accident occur on your property with someone not living in the residence.
  • Temporary living expenses - if your home weren't livable after damages, you would have a temporary place to live while it's being rebuilt or repaired.

How Colorado State Insurance Can Help

We operate an independent agency that allows our clients to feel more at home. We are always available to answer any questions you have; without the hassle or frustration you might feel with larger corporations. Our team understands the importance of obtaining the right home insurance policy, so we hold ourselves to the highest standard possible. If you're searching for a trusted home insurance agent in Colorado, give Colorado State Insurance a call today for your free estimate.

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