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Investment Properties In Colorado

Properties are expensive and valuable assets. They cost money to obtain. They cost money to maintain. They cost money to fix in the event of a disaster or accident, and they cost money to insure to protect them against such disasters.

However, such investments are well worth it. In the event of property loss -- be it partial or full -- you could be left financially ruined and/or bankrupt. All of the investment you made towards acquiring and providing maintenance to these properties could be left for naught.

However, if these properties are insured with an insurance plan that protects them against such losses, this worry can be mitigated altogether.

In Colorado, on average, property insurance can protect your property or dwelling from an average of $250,000 or more in damages from accidents, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

What Can Property Insurance Do for My Property and Dwelling?

The Homeowner’s Insurance Reform Act was passed by Colorado Legislature in 2013 and enacted in January of 2014. This was due to the devastating wildfires that had begun plaguing the state in recent memory.

These wildfires made the public keenly aware of the realities of having quality property insurance. Many property owners across the state found out the hard way that their insurance plans were inadequate to protect them against total property loss. Because of this, property insurance and the cost of having it became both significantly more affordable and provided much more comprehensive coverage.

Homeowners in Colorado now have the option of collecting 25% of the contents of their personal belongings (covered by the policy they have) without needing a contents inventory.

Today, property owners in Colorado now have complete and comprehensive coverage against wildfires and other disasters, theft, vandalism, property damage or loss, accidents, or bodily injury to both the property owner and visitors on the premises.

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